Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dry Fruit Pickle


Take equal quantities of "dry dates," called the shawarah, khobanee, or apricots;
allobhokara, a species of Arabian plum or damson;
English prunes, rather of the dry sort;
Normandy dry pippins.

Wash and clean them thoroughly, particularly the Arabian dry fruits, which are very dirty, and dry them well in the sun. Stew the dry dates for ten to fifteen minutes, cut them up into rings, and throw away the stones. Make a syrup of good French vinegar, in the proportion of a quarter of a pound of good clean sugar to a quart of French vinegar. After quartering the pippins, arrange them and the other fruit in a wide-mouthed bottle in alternate layers, with finely-sliced ginger, peppercorns, sticks of cinnamon, and small sprinklings of salt; then pour over the whole as much of the vinegar syrup as will entirely cover the fruit; cork the bottle well down, expose it to the sun for a few days, and it will be fit for use in a month.

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