Monday, January 14, 2008

Seik Kawab

2 tablespoonfuls of mustard oil,
4 teaspoonfuls of ground onions,
1 teaspoonful of ground chilies,
1/2 teaspoonful of ground ginger,
a quarter of a teaspoonful of ground garlic,
1 teaspoonful of ground turmeric,
salt to taste,
a cup of thick tyre or dhye,
1/2 teaspoonful of ground coriander-seed,
the juice of one large lemon,
and a little ghee.


Take two pounds of beef, mutton, or veal; remove the bones, and chop the meat slightly, without mincing or cutting through it; mix well together all the ground condiments, including the oil, tyre, and lemon-juice, in which steep the chopped meat, turning it over occasionally to absorb the mixture. After a while cut up the meat into squares of equal size, say two inches, and continue to keep them in the mixture for fully one hour; then pass the squares of meat either on a silver, plated, or other metal skewer, and roast or broil over a slow charcoal fire, basting the whole time with ghee, to allow the kawab to become of a rich brown colour, without burning or being singed in the basting. Remove from the skewer, and serve hot.

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